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Casino Facts to Watch

World's largest slot machine

The biggest slot machine ever created was named Super Big Bertha. This slot machine was manufactured in the 1950s. It is an impressive 2.5 metres high and 2 metres wide! To this day, the Super Big Bertha slot machine holds the world record for the largest slot machine ever made. This impressively sized physical slot has 8 reels and 20 different symbols, which means that winning the big prize with Super Big Bertha is extremely difficult - the odds are less than 1 in 25.5 billion!

The story of the creation of the Card Tray

A card tray, or "casino shoe", is a tool used in games of chance that are played with more than two decks of cards. But have you ever wondered when and where the card tray originated? The card shoe is used in casino games such as Baccarat and Black Jack. It originated in Cuba around the 1950s. Casino owners suspected that the croupier was trying to help certain players win more money. As a result, the use of card trays was introduced in Cuban casinos to reduce the likelihood of croupiers cheating when dealing cards. The card trays provided more protection for the casino houses by also increasing the number of decks of cards used in each game.

An incredible night at the Monte Carlo Casino

If you are familiar with gaminator3 casino games, you are probably well aware that just because you have won several times in a row on a game of chance does not make it any less likely that you will win again in the future. In 1913, one night in August at the Monte Carlo Casino was simply incredible. At one roulette table, the ball hit the black colour 26 times in a row. Meanwhile, almost all the players at the latter roulette table, seeing the repeated result, started betting on red, hoping to make up for their losses, but they didn't - they lost millions that night!

How roulette saved a famous company

Who doesn't know the international courier company FedEx? It's a brand that's well-known around the world. But few people know that once upon a time, the company was on the verge of bankruptcy, and its CEO, Fred Smith, decided to take a very unusual, and at the same time extremely risky, solution. In fact, it was a rather desperate decision, taken by a man who had fallen into despair and saw no other way out. So the founder and CEO of FedEx withdrew the last USD 5 000 from his company's bank account and went to Las Vegas, where he won USD 27 000 playing roulette. This win helped FedEx to continue its business and to become one of the largest companies in the world. Of course, this story certainly doesn't suggest that every entrepreneur facing bankruptcy should buy a plane ticket to Las Vegas!

The Las Vegas story

Las Vegas has not always been called a "gambling paradise" - at least not in a legitimate context. Las Vegas was founded in 1905, but federal gambling laws banned gambling in 1910. Consequently, until 1931, when Nevada legalised gambling, Las Vegas gambling was played underground. Once gambling was legalised, it was not long before Las Vegas became one of the most popular and well-known gambling destinations in the world.

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